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Our RoRo containers offer up to 40 cubic yards!

Local and Flexible

Norris are your local suppliers of Roll on Roll off containers in the Greenwich, Orpington, Bromley and South East London areas. With trained drivers and a useful selection of RoRo containers, you can be sure that our service is top notch, and with prices that won’t make you sweat. Reliability, customer service, and rapid container exchanges are pivotal to our working relationship with our customers. Roll on Roll off containers have the capacity of several industrial skips and can be easily loaded on and off the back of our largest trucks. The RoRo containers come in varying sizes, of 20 and 40 cubic yard open top and 35 yards enclosed. A great solution for bulk waste which can avoid using dozens of skips. Not sure if your waste needs are suited to a RoRo? Previous customers have used the containers for inert waste like construction rubble, hardcore, and soil; bulky and light waste like plastics, cardboard and paper; and light builders waste, like fixtures and fittings from strip outs and refurbishments.

Roll on, roll off service

Mixed Waste

We must always remain compliant with hazardous waste legislation, which means that if your waste contains the following, it’s not suitable for our RoRos: electrical appliances, fluorescent light tubes, batteries, fridges and freezers, TVs, paints, compressed gases cylinders, oil, fuel, plasterboard, asbestos, tyres, clinical waste bulk food waste and toxic materials. Whilst there may seem to be many things which can’t go in a RoRo, there are a lot more items that can, which is why they’ve dramatically increased in popularity in the last decade. With the option of using them for mixed or single stream waste, many site managers see them as the perfect solution for clearing their sites so that they can focus on their more important operations.

High and Low Sided Containers Available

Aside from being a huge piece of equipment with a large capacity for waste, our Roll on Roll off containers come in a variety of styles for the multitude of needs our customers have. To begin with, we have low and high sided containers. Low sided containers are naturally smaller, but are built at a convenient height for throwing waste materials inside – we recommend this option for sites where hand loading is preferred, like site clearances and small excavation projects. High sided containers are shaped like a box and maximise their capacity by being filled right to the top: often this is beneficial for multi-storey projects, as items can be thrown down from above. It’s also common to see RoRos on demolition sites, as their capacity is unrivalled for clearing bulky waste. For ease of entry, our containers come with optional rear doors which open wide for simple ground level loading. We also offer fully enclosed RoRo containers as opposed to open top. When hiring a Roll on Roll off container remember wider site access is needed, and at least 5ft of space surrounding the container must be kept unobstructed, especially during the drop off and collection.

Safety Is Key

When hand loading waste into the RoRo, available safety equipment must be used, such as safety gloves, boots and hard hats. The drop off and collection terms are slightly different to our other services, due to the size and care taken in delivery. Our policy for the delivery and collection of RoRo containers is ‘within six hours’, a service which we are proud to have made faster and more reliable than our competitors. We maintain our professional mantra that we work at your convenience, not ours. This is why our RoRo customers keep on coming back and referring us to their friends. Data and reporting from your waste collection is tracked, processed and given to you, can compile fully accurate and site-specific data reports. All waste goes through a rigorous processing and separation process at our Materials Recovery Facilities in Orpington and Greenwich.

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