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Primary and Recycled Aggregates

Norris are the leading supplier of primary aggregates and recycled materials in Greenwich, Orpington, Bromley and South-East London. We have a vast range of aggregates on offer, including sands, soils and mulches. We offer complete professionalism, and a service tailored to the needs of all of our highly valued customers. Here at Norris we separate our aggregate supply into two different categories, primary and recycled aggregate. These two types are quite different, with primary containing new materials straight from the quarry that have not been used before, and recycled containing materials that once provided a different function and have been cleaned and repurposed for a new use. Primary classification contains items such as granite and limestone, and various types of sands, shingles and gravels. Recycled materials that we supply at Norris include soils, crushed concrete, tarmac planings and various fill materials.


Topsoil and Prompt Deliveries

As well as primary and recycled aggregate, we are professional suppliers of topsoil for bedding and turfing purposes. We offer a range of topsoil qualities, from basic screened, all the way up to British Standard Certified topsoil. Depending on what you need the topsoil for, our dedicated account managers will be happy to provide advice and guidance on which quality will be best suited to your needs. It’s important to many of our existing customers that the delivery drivers they deal with are trained in on-site protocol, health and safety and especially material handling. For new customers considering procuring aggregates from Norris, you have a professional guarantee in terms of politeness, knowledge and promptness of deliveries. Including Norris’ ‘within 4 hours’ policy supporting businesses in our area whose work is critically time sensitive and requires reliable logistics.


Primary Aggregates

Primary aggregates here at Norris are sourced from an extensive network of quarries and produced with some of the industry’s leading specialist equipment, allowing us to provide an exceptional quality of material. Here are some of the products we offer:


Sold in 10mm, 20mm and 40mm sizes, shingle is a type of gravel commonly used for pipe bedding, driveways, drainage, filtration and pathways.


Our limestone aggregates can be purchased in a manner of sizes, varying from 2-6mm, 4-20mm and 10-63mm mixtures, or single size 40mm pieces.*


Similar to our limestone, Norris granite aggregates can be purchased in a manner of sizes, varying from 2-6mm, 4-20mm and 10-63mm mixtures, or single size 40mm pieces.*


We supply a variety of sands, including sharp sand, soft sand, land based and marine dredged sand. These sands are perfect for a multitude of uses, including: rendering, screeding, plastering and building. We also supply silica sand for horse arenas and recreation sand for children’s play areas.

*Limestone and Granite are both permeable to water, and are classified as FORMPAVE materials.

Recycled Aggregates

Norris work closely with environmental agencies and regulatory boards to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and are highways approved. This is especially true for our recycled aggregates, which must be carefully produced, as to avoid becoming a hazard to potential users. Essentially, recycled aggregates are much the same as primary aggregates except they have been used before – this means they are much cheaper. Here are some of our recycled aggregates:

Crushed Concrete

We supply crushed concrete in varying sizes to suit your needs. Our range of crushed concrete extends from fines up to 125mm pieces. This crushed concrete is made from crushed, screened concrete and hardcore.

Oversized Crushed Concrete

Stones in our oversized crushed concrete option are 100-200mm in size, and will come as a mixture of crushed bricks and concrete. We can also supply Gabion stone 100-200mm pieces.

Tarmac Planings

Made from recycled tarmac when roads are re-laid, this material comes 40mm and down, ideal for filling in potholes, or 40-50mm for bigger projects like driveways and farm tracks.


Please get in touch to learn about our full range of specialist recycled aggregates.