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Leading Grab Hire

Norris are proud to be recognised as one of the leading Grab Loader Hire options in Greenwich, Orpington, Bromley and South East London. This reputation has been continuously grown and nurtured over the last 40 years through our customer service. Our grab hire service has been used over and over again by businesses of all sizes. Our grab loader vehicles are most commonly used in two ways, as a solution for single loads of waste, and as an all-day service, usually for sites with restricted access where it’s not possible to temporarily leave a skip. What our customers love is the fact that we not only take the waste materials away, we make sure they get recycled or repurposed properly, which contributes to our 99% recycling rates. The strong understanding between customer needs and the reliable services and facilities we provide here at Norris have allowed us to grow, whilst retaining the core values that have made us popular for over forty years.

Quick and Convenient

Aside from the possibility that there’s no space for a skip, many of our customers choose our grab loader service because the vehicles themselves hold approximately three times the volume that a standard builder’s skip would. As well as this, our 5 metres grab arms make light work of your waste. All we ask when collecting with a grab truck is that the waste is ready on either side of the vehicle, as the extending arms are not designed to go over the cab or the back. We want to make exchanges as quick and efficient as possible. Our drivers are fully trained in using the grab loader and have years of experience in taking the waste away. Norris drivers have a good understanding of all things waste, it’s part of our service. Our grab loader hire is not just a one-way service either, in fact, for construction projects it is very common for us to deliver materials and aggregates, like sand, gravel and granite on the back of the truck, and take waste materials, like construction debris away with us. For this bulk haulage option, please speak to us directly and we will accommodate all of your drop-off and collection needs.

Local Service

Construction companies make good use of our grab loader service, not only because of our customer service, material-drop offs and rapid collections, but because we are Greenwich, Bromley, Orpington and South East London’s best option for muck away services. When it comes to having inert (uncontaminated) waste removed, such as debris, rubble, earth and concrete, we are able to take these materials back to our Materials Recovery Facilities in Orpington or Greenwich. Once it arrives, we weigh it, tip into a specific area depending on the material type and weight. From there, the waste is separated and processed carefully by a combination of machinery and trained operators. Materials are sorted by size, metal is removed and the remaining materials are turned into recycled aggregates that are then supplied into the construction industry, further supporting the local economy and community. All of the data and reporting from your waste collection is tracked, processed and given to you, our customer. For businesses, we can compile fully-accurate site-specific data and reporting, so that you can better understand your waste and what we do with it.

Versatile and Licensed

As landfill rates increase, we see many knock-on effects, such as the increase of recycling rates and incineration for energy, but sadly we are also witnessing a huge rise in fly tipping in the UK. While we don’t have the tools to cure the root of the problem, our grab loader hire service is a sturdy option for cleaning up illegal fly tip sites and non-hazardous waste. Providing a grab loader hire service means that we have to be versatile. We understand that most businesses often need an immediate service, with time sensitive collections, more advanced reporting data and delivery staff with site training. We provide waste management advice and guidance, and Duty of Care and WasteTransfer Notes to ensure that environmental compliance is maintained to the highest degree.

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