We supply wheeled containers which are available in 240 litre, 660 litre and 1100 litre sizes for canteen waste (food), dry mixed recyclables (packaging), cardboard/paper as well as available for light refurbishment waste where a skip is not a viable option. We deliver the bins (initial delivery) to premises on a low loader vehicle. We then attend the premises on a regular pre-arranged date and empty the bins into a compactor vehicle (like the dustcart lorry that the council use for household bins).

When the customer decides to terminate the service, we empty the bin(s) one last time on the pre-arranged date, with the compactor vehicle and then collect the empty bin on the low-loader vehicle once more. If your business has certifications such as BS or ISO, the separating and recycling of your office or premises’ waste is relevant to the accreditation. We can help you design, implement and maintain a recycling policy for your business.

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