Illegal dumping sites are hazardous, dirty and disappointing.

We will clear the site so that you don’t have to.

A Modern Problem

Fly tipping is a disappointing side effect of our throwaway culture and the rising cost of landfill. For many, it seems that the risk of punishment is lesser than the cost of proper waste disposal. This dirty and illegal act is quickly forgotten by those who do it, as the burden of the waste is then passed on to someone else. Landlords, landowners and property management companies are some of our most frequent customers, along with retail parks and councils. Wherever there is a wide open space without surveillance, there is the threat of fly tipping, which is why country lanes, fields and car parks are some of the most common spots.

A Growing Problem

Whilst it may seem easier to fly tip in the countryside, the built-up areas we cover in and around South East London still fall victim to illegal dumping. Norris are leaders in professional fly tip clearances in Greenwich, Orpington, Bromley, South East London and the surrounding areas. With years of experience and fully licensed drivers, we will have illegal dump sites cleaned up and restored to their normal state as quickly as we can. As well as removing the waste, we will clean and recycle it instead of simply sending it all to landfill. Our 99% recycling rates are reflective of the extra energy we put into helping the environment. Did you know that for the 2016/17 year, local authorities in England dealt with around 1 million (1,002,000) fly tipping incidents, a 7% increase from the previous year. Around 67% of this waste came from households, and 60% of the fly tip sites were either a car boot or a small van load of waste. This nasty business has cost UK councils over £57m in the last year alone to clear up, and only 56,000 dumpers were caught and fined or prosecuted. We understand how problematic illegal dumping is, not just as a nuisance for property owners, but also the deeper implications, such as rodents, disease or the spread of toxic materials, which can end up in water sources and harm both the environment and wildlife. The immediate danger posed by fly tipping always concerns our teams, who spring into action when sites are reported. One of the great things about using Norris for a fly tip clearance is that our labour, transport and disposal services are all tied into one price. Some of our competitors charge individually for these services, which costs the property owner or victim of fly tipping a lot more.

Flexible Service

We’ve come to learn that no two fly tip clearance jobs are alike; they can be small, like a couple of bin bags or a sofa, or they can be big, like a whole building full of illegal waste, or a field flooded with litter and furniture. Depending on the size and gravity of the task at hand, we have a range of vehicles suitable for the job, and our account managers will be able to recommend how many operatives are sent, and with what equipment. We have to be diligent, versatile and professional when handling fly tip clearance sites, but one extra skill that customers require us to be is observant.

image of employees separating waste

Finding the Evidence

Quite often, the best way to stop fly tipping from occurring is to catch those responsible for it and have them prosecuted. Of course to do that we must find some evidence of the illegal dumpers among the waste, so our operatives are always keen to spot some proof, like personal documents. They are also equipped with cameras to capture visual evidence of the site so that it can be logged into fly tipping statistics. This is an added benefit for land or property owners who have been a target on repeated occasions and wish to reduce the likelihood of another illegal dump. So, how easy is having a fly tip site cleared? It starts with you calling us and explaining the problem. You will speak to one of our dedicated account managers, who will schedule a site visit at your earliest convenience. On that date, our expert team will head out to your site in our modern and clean vehicles, handle and clear all of the waste promptly and professionally, and then leave. We will provide you with all of the documentation you require, whilst we maintain our 99.6% recycling rates with the waste from your illegal dump site.

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