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Great Trade Rates

Norris are the preferred local choice for affordable trade waste compactor services in the Greenwich, Orpington, Bromley and South East London areas. Our professional solution for commercial and trade waste is performed by trained, licensed and knowledgeable drivers who want to solve your waste problems as much as you do.

Our trade waste services are the ideal solution for businesses who need a regular collection of their different waste types, dry mixed recyclables (packaging waste), cardboard and paper waste, as well as light refurbishment waste. We don’t want anyone to pay to get rid of air, which is why we compact the waste on collection. A 1100L or 660L trade waste bin can be a very good solution where it’s not possible to deliver a skip close to the work too.

For contracted customers, we provide free wheelie bins plus the guidance and information that you need. We operate our service with some of the most competitive pricing structures in the region, without making sacrifices on quality and customer service.

Account Based Services

Setting up a contract for regular trade waste compaction and collections is simple, all you need to do is call us and explain your needs – we can work from there. Our experienced and uniformed drivers perform our collections and trade waste compactor services with due diligence. All drivers have CPC qualifications, sit the Safe Urban Driving course, and complete acourse with from FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. Beyond these measures, we ensure that our drivers are fluent in up-to-date health and safety practices. Much like the dustcart lorries that your local council use for collecting domestic waste, we use trucks that are made with compaction in mind. As well as this, the wheeled container bins that we provide are designed specifically for different waste needs, and as such they come in two different sizes, 660 litres and 1100 litres. The smaller,240 litre domestic sized bins are available by special request. Also consider where you will be storing these containers before making a final decision. If you have limited space, several smaller bins would be more suitable and accessible than one larger unit.

Care and Record Keeping

As well as accreditations, we are sure you want to keep up to date with all compliance and duty of care legislation, which is why we provide waste transfer notes for our business customers for each load of waste collected. You should keep these notes for two years in case your environment officer wishes to see proof of your waste management activities. We take additional care that site-specific data and reporting from your waste collections are precisely tracked, processed and provided, so no more vague figures and inaccurate facts. When your compacted trade waste is collected, we take the contents back to one of our Materials Recovery Facilities in Orpington or Greenwich for a rigorous separation and cleaning process. Once they arrive, we weigh them on our specialist scales, before they are tipped into a specific area depending on the material type and weight. From there, the waste is separated carefully by a combination of machinery and trained operators.

Recycling and End of Contract

Small pieces of metal are extracted by magnets, plastic is handpicked and some other materials are turned into recycled aggregates that are then sold into the construction industry, further supporting the local economy and community. Recyclable materials are sold into UK markets to reduce the burden of procuring virgin materials. Our dedication and attention to detail in regards to recycling has helped us become an industry leader in environmental management, with 99% recycling rates, some of the highest in the country. Why choose Norris? We are confident that you will be comfortably pleased with our service, so much so that we make it easy to terminate our service if something isn’t to your liking. This is all part of our diligent work to keep your happy. Our end terms are simple too, we make a final collection of your waste and then send a low loader vehicle to pick up the waste containers. We understand what you need thanks to years of experience working with businesses in our local area. It’s our mantra here at Norris that we work at your convenience, not ours, so we operate a ‘within four hours’ policy if you need a bin emptying outside of the pre-arranged dates.

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